#moulettes #preternatural #roll 1


23/4/2016- Islington Assembly Halls ‘Moulventures’

For this first shoot of ‘Moulettes’ #preternatural UK Tour, I decided to shoot a roll of ‘Revolog- Plexus ‘ 35 mm film. I didn’t just want an experimental effect for effect sake, I wanted to embody the meanings and messages behind their new album.

‘One of the album’s finest moments, the sublime ‘Pufferfish Love’, drew on recent ground-breaking Attenborough footage of the Japanese mandala-making Pufferfish, whilst the groove-based Art Pop of ‘Coral’ describes the crises facing coral reefs, – “A beautiful illustration of symbiosis between animals,
minerals and plants” says Ollie.  Other standouts include the addictive ‘Patterns,’ the ethereal vocals of ‘Medusa’ and the album closer, ‘Silk’ about spiders who pluck harmonics on the strands of their webs to tune them…’

The blueish webbing links very well to the underwater concept of this album and I’m really excited to use more of this lovely ‘Revolog’ Plexus Film

I especially like the accident I had at the end of the film when I left the lens cap on – I decided to layer my #behemooth into this to create another version of what will hopefully become an iconic art album


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