Drawing Utopias: 1st – 11th November 2016

Drawing Utopias is an exhibition that assembles works of 26 International artists, trying to respond to Thomas More book Utopia.

500 years ago, Londoner Thomas More published his famous book Utopia. Utopia described in detail an imaginary island located in the Atlantic Ocean and the socio-economic organization of its society. The title of the book resulted from the Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no-place”. Utopia became a celebrated text and has inspired the imagination of people for more than 5 centuries. Its influence was so important that even today, the book and the word, stand as a symbol of innovation, creativity and the human drive of sketching/inventing alternatives to better worlds.


‘Krystallos One’- Niamh Murray. All rights reserved. Copyright Niamh Murray. 2016.


Alena (Vladlena) Kuznetsova, Alice Geirinhas , Alison Miller Andrea Alves de Oliveira Anne Marte Overaa Antonio Occulto, Daniel Fernandes
Ditte Ejlerskov, Esperanza Vaquerin Gizem Enuysal Hugo Houayek Ines Rolo Amado Jill Rock Joana Patricio Johanna Bolton Johan Furåker Karen Piddington
Lawrence Crane, Maria Lusitano Santos Maria Papacharalambous, Maria Teresa Silva Marta Caldas, Mercerdes Marin, Muzza Nini Rosario Rebello De Andrade, Valerie Oliver,
Wayne Clements

Tuesday, 1st November at 6 PM
‘Old Paradise Yard ‘ 20 Carlisle Ln / Royal Street corner / Archbishop’s park, London SE1 7LG
(Nearest tube station is Waterloo/Westminster)

Performances at the opening by:

Johanna Bolton: Reading of I Twang, A system for divining the future
Maria Lusitano: Laboratory of dreams II, Communal drawing

Drawing Utopias is part of the artist research project Dream Economics.

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