Portals: Drawing Utopias

Niamh Murray is interested in journey’s and journeying.  In this series of work entitled ‘Portals: Drawing Utopia’, she explores the question not of our origins but of where we might be headed.

Niamh has suspended rocks and fossils within the vacuum of a bell-jar as homage to those who have gone into space, written about space or dared to dream of other worlds or life forms. These specimens themselves represent just how little we still know about the wonders of our own planet, our solar system and beyond, offering great hope and excitement for Utopian day dreaming. Most of all, by capturing the rocks in a void, suspended in space, she hopes to instill a sense of awe and respect for the natural wonders of what some may see as mundane, or pass by without noticing. 

“Panspermia is the theory or hypothesis that life on the earth originated from microorganisms or chemical precursors of life present in outer space which were transported to earth from elsewhere in the universe via asteroids, comets and so forth. These microorganisms are able to initiate life on reaching a suitable environment, such as planet earth. When I see these rocks, I feel a deep connection with our planet, the solar system and our universe. It humbles me.”

 “It’s that surreal moment when you think of yourself standing on the surface of the earth and you draw your imaginations eye above the planet, to the stratosphere above and then out to the farther reaches of the cosmos extending into the Milky Way and beyond.  There is a shift in your conscious being ,which causes you to question the present moment and everything revolving within it.”

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