Over the last year I have realized that creating is an essential part of my day and paramount for my happiness and well being. This revelation happened last January when the school I work in closed down the Media department and moved Drama & Music to the other side of the school, leaving the Art Department with a fear & dread of loosing our beloved department and possibly even our jobs. It was this that spurred me into making the decision to forge my place as an artist and also apply for the Goldsmith Sabbatical Grant.  Since my return from Canada last Summer I have been busy meeting artists, making work, applying for open calls. The Focus LDN Exhibition curated by Tom Cox at the Menier Gallery London was one of the first Open Calls I answered to and I was successful. This exhibition experience has taught me many things , for instance: how to select artwork, how to edit in preparation for exhibition size,  getting the best quality Giclee prints, framers, figuring out costings for framing and figuring out how to edition prints. This has been a real eye opener and I hope the experience will not only inspire my pupils to get out there and exhibit but also sell their work.


Watch the PRIVATE VIEW video

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