Artistic Director Series 008 with ESKA

As soon as I had wrapped on the collaborative music video shoot with pupils at my school and Moulettes,  I applied to Brighter Sounds Artistic Directors Series 008 with ESKA, literally that evening. This was the first Artistic Directors residency  I had ever applied to and I was ecstatic to hear that I had received a place on the residency with 13 other musicians and one other visual artist.

The residency coincided with the tragic attack on Manchester Arena. This made the residency even more heightened emotionally and creatively. I had an amazing experience working with such brilliant and talented people. You can see picture taken by Brighter Sounds Photographer here 

After attending the Artistic Directors 008 series with ESKA, I was commissioned by Brighter Sounds to create a moving image piece to accompany a track of my choice from the residency live show.

We set up an initial Skype call with Sebastian my co- creator during the residency, Lucy Wallace and Chris Daniels who was to be our creative mentor.  This occurred early November 2017 and we successfully discussed ideas, tracks, timelines, story boarding and so on. Finally I decided to create a visual piece for Behemoth Part One. The final piece was ready for release earlier this year. I hope you enjoy it.

Music featuring : Eliza Shaddad and Lánre





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